halloween highs

I haven’t felt this manic in weeks (ha! mental illness humor). Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

Halloween is usually the only time of year where I feel truly like myself. This is when I can let myself be free. Wearing dark, tattered clothes and putting on grungy/smeared makeup makes me feel like Alexis again. Throughout the year I have to look professional for work and my academic societies; being myself is very rare as I get older. Adulthood is not like high school when you get to express yourself every day, consequences be damned!

Halloween is the time of year when I can actually talk about the darkness that lurks in all of our minds. This is the only time of year that even the most innocent souls are curious to know what horrors lie out there, waiting to be discovered. It’s addicting, learning what people believe in and their opinions on the paranormal/supernatural.

The realm of the dead bleeds over into the minds of almost everyone, especially in the wake of autumn. The days succumb to darkness much earlier. The air is crisp. The leaves are crunchy. The air itself tastes like sweet apple cider and pumpkin seeds fresh from the oven. Our hearts crave sweets in this time of year, our brains crave spooks and frights. Our souls, however, crave protection from the evil on the other side of the thin veil.

Many still believe that from midnight on All Hallow’s Eve on to midnight November 1st the veil is lifted, freeing souls around the world; allowing them to wreak havoc on our world for an entire 24 hours before they are dragged back to whence they came. This may scare the superstitious, yet I look forward to it every single other day of the year. Halloween is when I get to free my mind, enrich my soul, and dance in the night with the souls of the dead.

Come, my companions, and frolic in the darkness amongst the spirits of the passed.



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