memes and emojis

I don’t even know how to communicate with people anymore; not on that deep level that develops close friendships.

Sad? Here’s an entire work day wasted on Imgur looking at memes about apathy and depression. (Ok, some animal gifs, too.)

Lonely? Send emojis to fucking everybody and get no responses.

My phone call history is 98% spam calls/wrong number calls.

Sure, some classmates talk to me and act civil. Any time I see them outside of class they avert their eyes or just give that extremely obvious “mm” nod at everything I say. Am I really that pathetic and annoying? Is there no way to meet new people who are like me?

Sometimes I wonder if this is a personality flaw. Sometimes I wonder if my standards are too high. Sometimes I wonder if the world has simply devolved into meaningless conversations and memes instead of focusing on connecting with people.

My self-esteem isn’t great but there is no way I’m as lame as I get treated.





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