ghosts in the graveyards

Cemeteries are empty of souls.

One common misconception that bothers me is that cemeteries are always haunted. No one can say for sure what happens when you die or what you would think after such a major event, but let’s think logically about this. When you die, would you prefer to hover over your rotting corpse or would you prefer to be around your loved ones/favorite locations? Some would even find the need to finish an important goal or to share their pain from their last moments alive. Would those have occurred at their grave? It’s highly unlikely. Cemeteries are spooky because we know we are walking above once-living bodies that are in varying stages of decay. Don’t mistake those empty husks for the energy that gives us life (and possibly afterlife).

One cool thing about being overly sensitive in all of my senses is knowing that energy is everywhere. It also isn’t always left by someone who’s dead. Sometimes a very energetic person can leave their own cold/hot spots during extreme emotional events. When something extremely negative happens between living people the energy remains for hours, sometimes even weeks. I lived in a house as a child where the previous tenant abused his wife. Both were alive when they left, but their grief hung behind and invaded my mind when I had nothing else to occupy me. It was very palpable to me, as if they had just left the room after punching a hole in the wall and screaming angrily at each other.

This may have played a major part in my tuning in to energy leftover from emotion; some call it being an “empath” (I think of it as being sensitive). With this extra level of awareness I have been able to sense things that others overlook. You can sense it, too, with proper training/experience! Next time someone walks in the room at your house, close your eyes and focus on the small changes in the room. Does the air feel heavier or lighter? Are you warmer or colder? Do you imagine a certain sound (like birds chirping or Darth Vader’s theme)? Then focus on how your energy feels in your body. Are you suddenly tired or excited? Are the hairs on your arms standing up? You will eventually learn to tell which energies are affecting you externally. You can use this to help you in your ghost hunts or simply in everyday life to weed out negative people.

This entry wasn’t really going anywhere in particular, so if you have any questions or comments please post them! If you’d like me to elaborate on anything in particular, I would be happy to do so, as well.



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