If only…

You make eye contact across the freezer in the middle of the grocery store aisle. Nonchalantly browsing through the various meats you keep glancing up to check if he is looking, too. He is.

He saunters up to you, clean black button up shirt unbuttoned just enough to see the muscle of his smooth chest. His swept back hair shines almost as much as his eyes as they pull you in. Before you know it he is inches away, his warm breath tickling your cheek. The alluring scent he emits is familiar and calls to your very core.

Your heart races as he speaks to you and after a while, you realize you haven’t heard one word he’s said. It doesn’t matter. He moves closer, hand on your hip, gently pulling you against him. Your body is a web of electricity as you feel his warmth. You are helpless in his grasp. You are filled with more desire than you knew you possessed. His whispers grow urgent as he leans you back as if you are dancing. Your body begins to ache with the need for him to take you, fully and completely.

Soft piano music drifts in to your mind and this glorious dream of finally making it with Nathan Fillion dissipates. Your alarm clock ruins yet another glorious sexcapade.




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