me, myself, and I

Generally, I dislike overdoing the self esteem thing. Sometimes, though, I feel somewhat annoyed that I am a lower class nobody. Many celebs in America are famous for being unintelligent and promiscuous. I work hard each day to make less money than my bills require and I keep everyone around me laughing. How is that not rewarded, too? The world is an unfair place and I am determined to tip the scales in my favor. If I were rich or famous (or both), I would not spring for a lavish lifestyle. I would shoot for the average middle class lifestyle and use my influence to raise awareness of the flaws in our society.

Through empathy, anyone can see how rough the majority of the world’s population has it. Those with the will to change it for the better do not have the means to. Those with the power lack the empathy. It frustrates me to no end to sit back and watch this happen. It’s quite difficult to feel so helpless, so unnecessary, so useless and unknown.

Sometimes, I think I can help change the world one person at a time.

How do you help the world? Big or small, your actions speak loudly. Please share with me how you work to feel fulfilled or how you put effort in to help others.



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